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Guilty until proven innocent?

How easy to forget that Pantano was investigated and never went to a court martial because of a lack of evidence.

I'm a McIntyre supporter. I voted for him in November, I'll likely vote for him in 2012. I am absolutely amazed by two things about the vehemently pro and anti-Pantano forces:

The pro-Pantano crowd tells tales about McIntyre being a left-wing liberal kook, when he actually votes more conservatively than many Republicans. They are either ill informed or intentionally lie.

The anti-Pantano crowd posts nothing but wild speculation about the facts surrounding the incident in Iraq and its subsequent Article 32 investigation. They, too, are either ill informed or intentionally lie.

Either way, I hope Pantano DOESN'T run again, because love him or hate him, his candidacy exposes the fact that we have far too many morons and liars in Southeastern North Carolina.


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