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If only you people knew

WOW all you so called Americans who get hung up on something this hero did in a combat zone 6 years ago have no clue what really goes on over there. What he did was mild compared to some of the things Ive seen over there. The only difference is he had a disgruntled Sgt who didnt like how hard he was on them, and he was intellengent enough to write "No better friend, no worse enemy" in arabic. But him being hard and making his men hard insured they all made it home safe. And as far as him not having a job look at his past... New York times best selling author... Former energy trader at that little company called Goldman Sachs... Entrepreneur who started many companys... He surly is well off from his past hard work. In case you havent noticed America is messed up and nice guy mike has been in from the start of the fall and has done NOTHING to combat it. So vote Pantano... And remember when you insult his combat deeds it hits all us combat vets... Semper fidelis


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