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While I appreciate your service for this country... have ZERO credibility in judging Pantano's decisions! He went through an intensive Article 32 hearing and was exonerated in conclusion based on the evidence provided at the hearing. Do you even understand the Article 32 hearing process and who is involved in that process? It surely doesn't appear so...

There have been a lot of lives lost in Iraq with a lot of press that did nothing other than smear the American soldier in the mud. I don't know your rank or your "participation" in the war zone. I seriously doubt that you have either the experience, the rank or even the intelligence to decide whether Pantano's actions were justifiable or utilized good judgement. You sound like nothing other than a buck-private with self-esteem issues.

If I were you, I would keep my "know-it-all, expert opinions" to myself, stop bashing the veteran that the US government formally exonerated and go back to peeling your potatoes!


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