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Again Let's Focus on Pantano

Again -- Pantano's unemployed "goon squad" of cohorts attacks a Republican critic. I am not going to respond than to again focus on why as a registered Repubican, I cannot support him. I hope and pray another candidate appears for 2012.

The following are undisputed facts :

#1 He has no real job and a checkered work history.
#2 His "service" to the country shamed the nation and resulted in USMC prosecution, yes he "got off" the murder charge but the situation strained Irag-US relations
#3 He loves to be TV more than anything -- in fact, he'll be in DC all weekend to grab some more limelight -- just read his twitter feeds
#4 His campaign has debts and he owes money -- how's that for showing leadership in fiscal resttaint
#5 He's a carpet-bagging Yankee with a gut wretching Bronx accent


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