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What is this?

You call this reporting? You spend the whole article talking about how irked the other commissioners were because of the short notice - as if that was news. They'll get over it.

Berger simply wanted to discuss some ideas he had - which I think is quite legal, and generally appreciated by the community. I thought some great concrete ideas were discussed. It's hard to actually get wheels in motion without an official meeting with votes by the other county commissioners if that is what you're after.

Berger made it clear that he was speaking on his own behalf, and not that of the board. Why would the other members want to be there if he's simply speaking on his personal opinion? This is nothing but a futile and desperate search for sensationalism.

You could have taken better notes and reported on what was actually said - which was plenty. We have many so-called "economic development" agencies that receive millions of dollars in taxpayer funds every year - they don't have to prove that they do anything at all, and still get our money. Berger believes the community should be aware of this, and then offer input into how to address it.

But he only gave 2 hours notice to the other commissioners before he spoke his opinion on an issue - FIRE UP THE PRESSES! WWAY has really taken the plunge...


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