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ONLY ON 3 UPDATE: Mom says son was bullied out of school

READ MORE: ONLY ON 3: Mom says son was bullied out of school

UPDATE (2/14): Since we first aired this story, we've learned that Kaycie Davis was involved in a felony shooting back in the late 80's. Investigators said at the time she shot and killed her then husband. She was convicted of second degree murder and spent time in prison. Davis tells us her husband put a hit out on her and that's why she shot him.


A New Hanover County mother is on the search for a new school for her child. Kaycie Davis claims that her son was constantly bullied and that the school acted slowly to the allegations.
Davis' son use to go to Roland-Grise Middle School in Wilmington but she pulled him out a couple of weeks ago. Davis said her son was verbally and physically abused by fellow classmates and that the school district did very little.

"He has been bullied, he has been threatened, he has been beaten up,” said mother Kaycie Davis. “He's been called every name in the book you can possibly imagine."

Davis said the bullying was so bad that her son needed professional help. The mom said she contacted the school and the district about her situation several times.

She was sent a letter from Roland-Grise Middle School Assistant Principal John Branson. The letter acknowledges the issues Davis' son has had at school.

In one line Branson wrote, "I feel that he is a student who wants to get along with others and fit in but like many 6th graders has had difficulty deciding how to be socially successful."

Davis said the letter did very little to help her son, which is why she recently decided to pull her son out and find a new school. The mom said she doesn't want other parents to go though the same situation and wants the district to create tougher punishments for repeat bullies.

"If a child lays a hand on another child to hurt them, I mean adults are not allowed to do that why should children be allowed to do that,” said Davis. “If an adult does that they go to jail so why shouldn't a student end up going to juvi?"

As for the New Hanover County school district it cannot comment on specific incidents but released this statement…

"New Hanover County Schools has a zero tolerance for bullying behavior. What this means is we work to resolve each claim of bullying and our goal is to make our schools physically and emotionally safe for all children."

The district added that deciding on a punishment would depend on the severity of the case. According to Davis her son's school did punish the bullies with a couple days of suspension but Davis said still that is not enough.

The district advises parents to contact the school quickly if they feel like their child is being bullied.

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