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So sad

So sad that it has come to her having to take her child out of school. So sad that the school system won't do anything. Blame it on political correctness and the fear of being sued. That is all school systems are worried about today - someone might turn and around and sue them because their kid was punished. If this had happened out on the street, the kid would be hauled in and charged with assault.

We as a society expect our kids to grow up and be responsible adults - how can they when the adults around them don't teach them to be responsible. Where are the parents of the kid doing the bullying? Are they being held accountable or are they defending the bullying as a "childhood ritual". Bullies will keep on bullying until they are stopped or some other kid "cleans their clock". Then you will see the parents holler!

Take the bully, teach him/her that it is not acceptable and make them face the consequences of their actions. Then, and only then, will it stop.

Bullying will escalate - the next time there might be a weapon involved. What will you do then Mr. school system?


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