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constantly bullied

The problem here is that we've allowed the school system to police itself instead of the juvenile court system.

"In one line Branson wrote, "I feel that he is a student who wants to get along with others and fit in but like many 6th graders has had difficulty deciding how to be socially successful."

So in a nutshell, he's a good kid, but he's socially awkward.

This clown should resign. I'm sure if he were attacked in public, he would be the first to file charges on the attacker.
But since it's at a school, and happening on a regular basis, this kid should try to decide how to be more socially acceptable.

"New Hanover County Schools has a zero tolerance for bullying behavior. What this means is we work to resolve each claim of bullying and our goal is to make our schools physically and emotionally safe for all children."

Well, it doesn't seem to be working. Maybe a total shake up of the school system, including new rules for bulling are in order.

"The district added that deciding on a punishment would depend on the severity of the case." There you have it. Take it out of the hands of the screwll system and put it in the hands of CAPABLE public servants, namely police and prosecutors.

Let the parents of "bullies" spend time in court, miss work, and the little terror will get the message. These procedures would solve the problem quickly, and if they don't, let the parents of bullies have to pay for private schools instead of the innocent victim.

The school system is incapable of minding their own business, why do we let them mishandle assaults of children.


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