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Expose the bullying & those that condone it...

No...the article didn't say if or how many times this parent did go or contact the school... It also did not say that she didn't...but we do know that the letter mentioned in the article tells us that she obviously had contacted them & we also hear that the bullies were that says that not only was the school officials aware but the bullies' parents must have or at the very least should have been contacted by the school officials & a meeting with them was imperative.. Obviously...the "zero tolerance" in effect did not apply to this child having the right to go to this school & have the same effective day as the bullies that needed to be educated instead of condoned... It's been brought to our attention through the media quite often recently as to how wide-spread & how dangerous bullying has is... that means it should be a priority that it be recognized & yes...A PRODUCTIVE Zero Tolerance for it... Now's a no brainer..there are kids that go to that school & any school that has a fine & good experience all the way through...we do know that not all kids are treated equally...variations are... money...parent's status in the community..job status..just point blank...all this makes a big & social status paves the should not...but it is a fact... another real fact these days is...the one that has had the glory road all through school...SO not guaranteed a pass ticket that it will never happen to them or someone they love.. I do believe no one..regardless of their social status should be bullied & it be covered or condoned by anyone!! As far as disrupting his education...another no has been done by his "fellow students..aka...bullies"... Yes... I do totally agree in turning to the legal process when the people appear to have no remorse to a young man not being given the opportunity to have an education & to have peace of mind in doing so...what would we do if we were the parent...when you are having to put your son in the hands of the school board that actually get paid to give this student the same rights as every other student...Since this obviously is not a new issue for this young man... that means someone has chosen to look the other way..not get involved..or condone the behavior of bullies... so in saying that... I say they have all already had time to make a choice of integrity and help this student & actually in doing so they could have helped the overbearing students that are on a sad road that will not be fruitful to them or others unfortunately that have to be in their the bullies learn now at an early enough age that choices matter...they do & will always have consequences..good or bad... it all depends on them & their enablers.I also encourage other students..when you see this behavior taking place...stand up for the one being mentally, verbally or physically abused... REPORT IT!!! & CONTINUE TO REPORT TO YOUR PARENTS TO THE SCHOOL OFFICIALS..IF NEITHER OF THEM CHOOSE TO HEAR YOU...KEEP GOING...GO TO OR CALL POLICE TO REPORT IT...STAND UP FOR THE VICTIM...IT MAY BE YOU NEXT OR EVEN LATER IN LIFE... & PLEASE DON'T WAIT UNTIL SOMEONE IS PERMANENTLY HURT OF EVEN DEAD...BY THE HAND OF THE TORMENTORS OR AS SOMETIMES HAPPENS...SUICIDE TO ESCAPE THE GRIEF & PAIN.... NOW...THAT WOULD BE TRUE "ZERO TOLERANCE" THAT WE COULD ALL BE "SURE" OF....


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