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I think that even the nature and nuture debate can continue with this particular case; bullying is serious and needs to be dealt with. We were so quick in thinking that the mother had other motives to seek help for her child but we would point the finger if she had not. We cant have it both ways. And because she is a single parent does not mean that she has every Tom, Dick and Harry in her home (to whoever made that rude comment). If the focus remain where it should - the child, perhaps we would agree that all should be done to ensure that every child attend school free from abuse and threatening situations.
And to the media, I wonder what effect do they think that bringing up the past regarding the mother will have on her son? Do they think that will help? Does it justify the punishment? No, it does not. But, we seek information that is controversial at the detriment of a child! Now, the news has set this child up for more ridicule and torment for something his mother has done and paid her debt to society. Understanding that it is not the fault of the media when the crime originally took place, it is the fault of the media to continue to victimize the CHILD!
Shame on you all. Have some compassion for this child. No matter the reasons of the mother.


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