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Hey Anne - why don't YOU

Hey Anne - why don't YOU take the bullies home with you and teach them right from wrong. How about that? Then you can release them back into society and everything will be just peachy.
Stop drinking the Kool Aid and wake up! Everyone's answer is to "fix" bullying - but what people fail to realize is that the term bullying has went global and has been blown WAY out of context. Just because children say things to each other or tease each other, does not mean they are bullying each other. Bullying is an imbalance of power - how often does that actually occur? As an educator, I guarantee that the only reason this issue is such a hot topic is because of lack of information and misinformation fed to the public by the media. This is just another gossip topic to get people stirred up and angry at the educational system.
And this is to all parents with children in the school system - you send us your children for six to eight hours a day. You want us to feed them, guide them, educate them, train them, but when we try to discipline them and help them understand the consequences of their behavior, then we are vilified and persecuted by parents and the media who really don't understand childhood behavior and what is going on in the school system.
So...if you don't like the way the educational system works with your children, private schools are begging for students, and homeschool programs are on the rise. Do us a favor and keep your kids home.


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