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Her post did not display anger in any form... simply displays frustration, which I completely understand. The parents of these unruly, bullying children do not enforce rules in their own homes, much less the educators environment. This fact is testimony to the reason that these children act out in the way they do with their emotionally demoralizing and educationally distracting tactics. They realize they can get away with it and usually do, simply due to the lack of control by the educators. This lack of control is not the fault of the educators, but is mandated by our society as to "WHO" can and cannot correct our children. A very severe breakdown of a system that once worked at school and at home. Children these days will push the envelope to the extreme max. and even go as far as to call DSS on their own parents.

Bullying is NOT a simple name-calling! Bullying is the instilling of FEAR in another human, a threat and intimidation of physical and/or emotional pain, a domination by belittling and embarrasment encompassed by a display of power that may or may not be real! I endured it as a child until I finally stood up one day, took the challenge and won. It cost me a day of suspension, but it never happened again!

As for your comment about your children NOT being in the school system. Make yourself aware that bullies exist everywhere and at all ages! You or your children are not shielded from them simply by attending a private institution. Your shield should be to learn how to effectively deal with bullies! It is your only defense...other than running.


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