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The fact that some of you

The fact that some of you work for the school system and would even comment on this situation proves what a failure the public education system is. And Dear Ramona,Please explain to us how a sixth grade child can stalk another child on a class trip or at school? In my day we called it a crush. Really you are that angry at this childs mother for standing up for her son? Or is it the fact that your child may have been a part of the problem?
The fact that anyone would insinuate that this child brought this upon himself shows what ignorant and arrogant this society can be. No child deserves for anyone to lay their hands on them to harm them in anyway.Do you have any idea of the psychological effects bullying can have on a child? let me enlighten you, PTSD can occur any time someone feels they have no control over the way their pain is delivered. They live in fear, not knowing when they're going to be hurt. Kids who are constantly bullied and not protected will develop symptoms of PTSD -- constant anxiety, constant fear, idiosyncratic behaviors to compensate for those feelings. They'll fall behind in their development.
It hurts to be bullied, and this fact should never be minimized. Teachers, parents and school officials are sometimes inclined to say, "Well, they’re only kids. It happens." It shouldn’t happen, and it's adults' responsibility to provide a healthy environment for our children. The best schools are the ones who develop a zero tolerance for violence and zero tolerance for bullying, and parents should demand that and support it. And any school that claims to have zero tolerence and does not stick to its policies should be held accountable.
You question how this mother is raising her child, Well I question how you and the parents of these "bullies" are raising their children!


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