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Public Office

OK, I've come to the conclusion that anyone who runs for public office or accepts a position like this in North Carolina is mentally deficient. ANYONE who would want such a thankless job must not have any common sense. I honestly think that an NC public leader could single handedly put us into a monetary surplus, lower taxes, increase education funding, increase job creation, cure cancer and people here would still accuse them of being a good ole' boy and profiting from it all somehow. Granted, our current politicians are not perfect and certainly we have a lot of issues to deal with, but they are the ones who stepped up to the plate and apparently a majority of people voted for them. More than I can say about 100% of the whiners. At this point i'm just glad that someone is willing to endure the crap they have to go through, because I sure wouldn't to make the pittance they make. So far I have yet to see any real proof they are profiting from anything beyond their salary...


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