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We had housing spikes that went up 500-600% in certain areas. Automobile insurance has spiked, gasoline prices have spiked. Bought a quart of oil for you car lately? Try 4 to 5 bucks for one quart. Have you even noticed food prices? Limes are 89 cent a piece, oranges are 92 cents a piece. Steak is at 12 to 18 dollars a pound. Chicken is the price Filet Mignon was 6 years ago. Health care costs have skyrocketed well beyond any of the previous examples. You simply have ZERO justification with your posting points.

EVERYTHING is going up except the salaries! Every time the government opens session, we are taxed to death. Sorry, but this is a fact of life. Todays students can do it the same way I did it! I worked two jobs while in college just to get through and get though is what I did! I got my degree and entertain a very nice living today. Plus I did pay off my student loans. Nothing has changed except the scale. It has never been easy to get an education, if it was, all of the entitlement recipients would be doing it now wouldn't they?

Just WORK hard at it and quit bitching!!!


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