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Dear Idiots:

Most of these comments display a complete lack of knowledge about the trends in public higher education in the past few decades. To keep it short: Tuition has skyrocketed since the 80s, becoming the largest portion of public (and private) university revenues, which believe it or not was NEVER the case until the days of Ronald "trickle-down" Reagan. Since then, government expenditure on public higher education has dropped while tuition has become a higher portion of school revenues and GUESS WHO PROVIDES THE LOANS NOW? Private companies provide almost 3/4 of the loans for public higher education, which was also NEVER the case until the 1980s and 90s. And to those saying well just "WORK for it!" guess what son, I'm a full time student and work 25 hours a week and trust me these increases still suck.

And finally, most importantly, you clearly do not know the constitution of the state of North Carolina, which states that education should be FREE for all citizens of the state. But then, that would be because you're not educated, wouldn't it.

You think education is expensive? Try ignorance.


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