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College is a bargain...

Tuition at UNCW in 2010 is $5500 a year...tack on $7000 for an on-campus housing and a full meal plan, maybe another $3500 for gas, parking, beer money, books. And they're complaining about spending $16,000 a year for a college education? The average college graduate earns $1M more during their career than a person who doesn't attend college. More than 60% of all college students receive some sort of financial support, either thru work study grants, Pell grants, scholarships or paid internships. College isn't a right, it's an investment! Want to keep the costs down? Tell the students to quit begging the universities to expand the recreation centers on campus, intramural sports, the coffee shops and fancy food services or hanging 42" plasma televisions in every hallway and lobby. Get ready students...the real world is going to shock you!


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