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Their insurance is not insurance its a scam

UPS says they have specific guidelines but if you read the fine print, following all of the guidelines does not necessarily insure the payment of the claim because technically they want you to have a professional testing company look at 5 of the items pack and test it being destroyed to insure its level of packing. Who can afford to do this?

The reason why they do not have "insurance" is because insurance falls under federal guidelines and you can be held accountable for how you review and pay claims. UPS just wants to create the illusion of safety in their shipping and make a little money on declared values that unless they lose the item entirely they never have to pay. Even when they lose the items they then argue over the value of what was lost and what it costs to replace the item. Not to mention it isn't considered lost for about 2 months after shipping.

They are a terrible company that will go to any end to insure they never have to cover your loses that are covered by their unforgivable care of your packages. They use third party trucking companies in heavy seasons and have no idea what level of care your package is being given since they don't even ship the item the whole way.

We are out $1,150 this year alone from UPS damage and unpaid claims. They sent a "regional manager" out to our office to tell us oh this is a tragedy but the item wasn't packaged properly. The item in fact was a piece of medical equipment with a casing made from a 1/4" thick polycarbonate plastic. The casing was "DESTROYED" the rollers and guts were destroyed inside. It looked like the item was literally dropped on every corner multiple times.

But we are out $1,150 and Scott Steck left in his Mercedez and told us we might get our shipping costs back.


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