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I agree Shawn -- Their insurance is a scam

I can not believe that UPS is allowed to make us believe that we are buying insurance to protect the things we ship and in the event of damage or loss we will be compensated for the amount we insured through them.

NOTHING could be further from the truth!

In fact, when you ship form The UPS Store you are not the customer of UPS. Instead, The UPS Store is the customer. They do this so you cannot sue UPS.

It seems that it is Standard Operating Procedure to deny all claims of damage. Then when you go to The UPS Store they will give you a toll free number at UPS to call. However - UPS will not talk with you because you are not their customer. What a waste of time - and the UPS Store owner knows this before giving you the number for UPS.

I think that someone needs to start a website to gather names of people willing to do a class action law suite against UPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPS runs a scam by even accepting money for potential damage or loss to your package and giving you the illusion that you are covered once they have received your MONEY. All UPS cares about is the MONEY. They certainly do not give two cents about their customers.

I for one - will NEVER ship with UPS again.


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