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4 boxes of China insured for $250 apiece

We were never notified of any problems until...three of my boxes returned with "refused" on them. I called the recipient and they said the boxes never arrived.
"WOW! Really, who denied them? I dug and dug each time a little more of the truth came out. UPS did the damage (I still don't know how much because they told me to open them. Are you kidding? Then they can say I broke it? I have three now with the fourth that was supposed to be returned two days ago.

Come to find out, they sent all four to their claims dept. and they opened them and then rejected them because they were poorly wrapped. What???? I sent them to replacements. com and have worked with them in the past. I go by their strict guidelines and I'm really upset.

All this happened and I was never notified. I still don't have my fourth box. It's probably the one box that contains my beautiful teapot and coffee pots. One of them is worth approx. $750 alone if I were to be able to even find the pattern and purchase it.

I'm heartbroken. I want to give this information to someone who will listen. I just don't have the money to fight this. I am disabled and that's why I was selling the china in the first place. Secondly, I think they are going to charge me the $120.00 shipping charges on my card.

No one in the claims dept. is getting back to me within the time periods they say they will as to next steps. I'm so upset and angry, I feel like throwing up. We will never use UPS again and yes, when this is resolved, I won't be advertising or recommending for them.

Please keep in touch as I would like to see someone get resolution. I'll also mention that the "fine print" on the back of the tag, can't be read because it's too light and small. :( There's only one phone and it's only a claims/customer service call center number. The representative tells me he has no other phone number to transfer me to a claims supervisor.

Please shoot me a quick reply that you got this. I'm happy to jump aboard your suit, I just don't have any money to help you. But, you can certainly use my story.

Again, my email, and my home phone is 719-487-3305

Paulette L. Harris.


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