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Here's an idea... QUIT

Here's an idea... QUIT SPENDING OUR MONEY!!! Good lord - just because the bond was approved way back in '06 when everyone was living the high life doesn't mean that money ever has to be spent. There never was one red cent of that money ever set aside in the first place. It never existed.

What most people do not understand is that A BOND DOES NOT MEAN THAT THERE IS ACTUAL MONEY SET ASIDE - it simply gives permission to the council to go into debt on behalf of the taxpayer. They never tell you this because it would hurt their chances of getting their precious bonds approved. A bond is debt. With you as the borrower. There is no risk to the council - that's why they will keep borrowing and spending until they are voted out.

Again - every dime of that bond money has been borrowed and has to be paid back with INTEREST. This is the primary reason our taxes are going up. Those bills have to be paid.

Do we really need a swimming complex? A baseball stadium? An open-air market? An arts center? An arts council? All paid for by your tax dollars? These are all projects that the out-of-touch out-of-control council members have made their top priorities.

Please Wilmington - for our children's sake - vote these people out of office and never let them ever get anywhere near the public coffers again.


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