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Oh please!

A "useless hulk dead in the water?" Because her mast broke?

Do you think her engines were knocked out? The Aegis system went down? Her weapons could not be fired or launched?

How good would this ship be if one carefully placed round could make her a useless hulk dead in the water? Do you think this is a square rigger? Take out the mast and Captain Hornblower can't maneuver?

Ever heard of damage control? Let me give you a clue - while underway, sailors LIVE damage control. It's the reason they were born. The reason men and women can co-exist aboard ship is because none of them are interested in sex - they're more interested in damage control and getting their SW certification. I can assure you that they have enough spare antennas, coax, connectors, and tie-wraps on board to hang replacement antennas on evey open inch of the weather decks if needed.

A critical weld failed. Of far greater concern was the personnel who could have been killed if this thing came down with no warning.

This one gets fixed, they inspect others, it really IS no big deal as far as combat readiness.


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