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I agree with a previous

I agree with a previous poster - I have no particular love for the city attorney; and I certainly don't agree with this money being spent on EITHER project during this time of economic hardship; and therefore I disagree fully with the funds transfer for the CC Trail - HOWEVER, the editorializing and lowbrow tenor that has become a banner feature at WWAY is working against your core mission as a "reputable" news outlet.

You may bring legitimate concerns and stories to the forefront - but then turn the focus on what a bunch of immature children you are with your whiny potshots at everyone you interview. Your "reporting" has assumed the tone of one with an axe to grind; or a vendetta - but with a very apparent signature self-pitying, contentious, and petulant attitude. It's getting old, and your board of directors are going to take corrective action when this translates into a downward trend on the bottom line.


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