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What happened to Neighborhood schools.....

So, let me get this right. NOW the Board does not want neighborhood schools? OR does it depend on the neighborhood or the student. This seems odd. Why can't these students stay where they are and the Board bring the resources to them? And why in the heck does Holly Shelter have 400 available open slots? That certainly is convenient or extremely poor planning.
If neighborhoods schools were great 1 year ago, why aren't they great for the students at DC Virgo school now. Why don't those students deserve the equipment, the new computers, available staff, latest technology and opportunity for growth as students at Holly Shelter?
By the way my dear Board of Education and new Sup. have you ever considered to investigate why the parents chose to abandon DC Virgo. If for any reason the school, teachers, surrounding neighborhood or students are failing - the Board of Education is a failure as well.
Does anyone care about our kids?


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