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OK for one the school board

OK for one the school board is no good,they would not know common sense if it was standing in front of them!!!!! they have no idea what it is like to be in a class room and teach 15 children and now they are wanting to overload the teachers with more children? what are they thinking!!!And to top it all off they want to cut teachers saleries,take time away from them and also they want to dictate when the teachers take thier vacation time!!! ok so here is a common since idea if you want to over crowd the class rooms give the teachers a raise,give them a reason to want to be there.Our teachers have been hit the hardest and they do one of the most important job of all they educate all of your doctors,fireman,police,nurses..etc...And in the long run only our children will be the ones suffering,there is no way our children can get a good education if there are 20+ children in one classroom.What about the children with learning disabilities? How will they get the proper education? The school board should have thought about all of this before they built 2 schools that were NOT needed (Castle Hayne).And just my opinion and first hand I think DC Virgo should be left alone,sorry but my childern went there and got a better education there than what they did at Trask Middle.DC Virgo has smaller class rooms so the teachers were able to do the job they were hired to do.At Trask the school is so over populated they have to worry more on babysitting than teaching is this really what our school board wants for our children?


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