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its a good thing

I believe its a very good thing jennelles mom took jace if she did nothing jace could of been in really bad places and seen really bad things I know he is young but it can and will influence his life I came from a very abusive home my step dad and mother abused me every way possible for years I got chained to the dog house and was starved only allowed to eat dog and cat food out of the animals bowls I had to drink water like a dog out of its bowl and that was the easiest of it and yes I almost went down the wrong path at 14 my step dad said to my mom its me or her my mom gave me to the state a few weeks latter none of my family took me they all knew and turned their cheek due to that I have no contact with any of my family I'm now 19 married no kids yet and my husbands family and friends accept me and love me I WISH some one in my family had took me when I was little so I did not have to go through what I did at the same time I survived and I'm a good person and am nothing like my family and if I did not go through every life experience the way I did I would not be who I am or where I am in life and as sad as it is I'm glad my mom gave me to the state it got me away so I could have therapy and get on a good path I'm not trying to go on a pity trip cuz I hate pity I was just giving a life example of how much worse it could of been for jace if jennelles mom had not taken him jennelles mom does and says stupid shit but at least she loves jace enough to take him and while he's young so he does not have to suffer and witness stuff babys and children should NEVER have to experience!!! could


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