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Really, an "exclusive"?

Really, an "exclusive"? This happened 5 days ago. Who tipped you off? Inquiring minds want to know, especially since you started a news cast off with it? WWAY, you should really look a little deeper than a video and one FB page. In no way should anyone condone such behavior by teenagers or a mother, however if you look a little deeper into it you would find the girl whose FB page you plastered on the news today was the target of verbal abuse by many at the high school she attended, including the girl she was fighting. If you are gonna "gain access" to one girl's page, maybe that "indepth" reporting could get you access to the other's page. I'm sure you would find it interesting as well. Maybe not as interesting after this is posted and all the remarks are deleted. At least her parents didn't post "good job" and "did you see that big a**" on her page as they did the other's page. Bad parenting on the mother's behalf that was present at the fight-for sure! And yes, her history is not pretty at all based on what you reported. But, I must say, it's only the difference in getting caught doing wrong on that parents behalf and getting away with it on the others behalf. I am sure the other child's parents had no idea where she was at or what she was believe that, right? Ever heard the saying, "sweep around your own back door before you start sweeping around mine"? It applies ten fold. The entire ordeal saddens me. As from my understanding, these two CHILDREN, were once friends...but I guess WWAY didn't gain access that far back on the FB page uh? I am amazed that WWAY thought this was news worthy....actually the report sounded more like a gossip column report. INVESTIGATE FULLY before you report, because all you have done is add a little bit more fuel to a fire that should have never been lit. And for all the parents involved-be shamed, our children do learn by example.


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