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So you think that the limited man power Whiteville PD has should be spent "controlling all the teenagers that want to hang out in parking lots every night"? Most of the teenagers that hang out in parking lots know how to behave aside from a select few. What about the rest of the town? Should Whiteville PD ignore the other parts of town and just focus on the parking lots. If the teenagers are so out of control in the parking lots why aren't the business owners doing something about it? The teenagers hang out in the parking lots because the owners allow them to.The parking lots are privately owned and the owners have a right to not allow anyone who isn't doing business in their store or on their property in their parking lot.

One final note, instead of trying to put the blame on Whiteville PD or others maybe the parents should take responsibility for their kids and then maybe this wouldn't of have happen. It's never been the police's job to control your kids...It's your job.....

I'm just saying....


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