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Girl fight in Whiteville

From a parent's perspective and believing that my children are my responsibility as long as they reside in my household, that I am accountable for their actions and I believe this to be especially true when it involves two underage teenage girls who should have been at home under adult supervision at the time this fight occurred. Any respectable girl would not, regardless of their parents lack of responsible supervision, have planned this type of degrading act and then actually drew a crowd to watch it.

The news media, the school system, the onlookers, even law enforcement are not responsible for this disgraceful display by two young girls. The parents who are suppose to be supervising these underage girls are entirely, without question, responsible for such disgusting behavior.

One mother may have made the grave mistake of being present but that does not in any way dismiss the other mother's responsibility for not knowing where her underage teenage daughter was at this time of night and who she was with when she left home to go to this fight and to me if she did not bother to ask enough questions to have this information then is her negligence any less questionable than if she had attended the fight and possibly even encouraged it?

Maybe if these mothers had been in church on Wednesday night with their daughters they would not have to be facing the ridicule that they do not want to hear because of their irresponsibility in this matter.

I hope this will be a wake-up call for not only these families but many more who have teenagers that are often times involved in activities and situations that are unlawful and dangerous.

I cannot believe that any parent would actually encourge or congratulate their daughter for this kind of disgraceful activity.
The parents of these two underage, teenage girls need to take the blame for this and say yes, I made a big mistake, I accept full responsibility as the parent of this child and I will not allow or encourage this behavior ever again as this child's parent.


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