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The other Girl has issues

Look you should look at the girls mom not in the video. She was clearly involved and drove her girl to the fight as well. In any case the Cartret girl was harrassed and bullied by this girl who incidentally hit Mrs. Ward the assistant principal. The other girl is known for fighting and if DSS is listening; give her a drug test. Everyone is sick of her and Shelby Cartret always turned the other cheek until this girl spit in her face and called her brother fat. All Shelby did was click she "liked" a boy on Facebook then this other girl went crazy following her around the school and pushing her and spitting on her. It is sad Shelby's dad came in and took her out of school for good because of this other girl that is a bully and does drugs and is always in trouble. There are a bunch of girls that this other girl has fought yet nothing ever gets done. Why is this? Please come to South Columbus and see what is going on while Mr. Norris never handles the problem.


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