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First off these are not Whiteville girls fighting, these are South Columbus girls fighting. I cannot believe this story made the news, it is pathetic. When I read that story I felt like I was reading something off of a gossip website. Not to mention this story has caused every person in the county and around the county to degrade almost every teenager in Columbus County. I am seventeen years old and my friends and I hang out in parking lots occasionally with LACK of anything else better to do. We have never gotten in fights or been rude to other people in those parking lots. We do not litter, and we do not disrupt the small city of Whiteville in any way. This fight was not caused by lack of better things to do it was caused by lack of better judgement and parenting. You can build all the malls in Whiteville and you would still have people fighting over something on Facebook. And I agree, fighting is not classy at ALL and I hate that they are getting so much attention for it. Today it feels like all that is on the news is negativity and nothing important. GOOD THINGS TO HAPPEN IN COLUMBUS COUNTY is not all "rednecks" and "fighting." This story basically makes it seem like Columbus County is one big hick town and it is not.


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