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Columbus County Corrup Judiciary

The Judicial System in Columbus County has become so entrenched in filth and corruption that Jesus Christ could not get a fair trial if He was to go there. Many Magistrates decide to allow warrants based on who the accused knows or whom he / she has wronged. They sit on their backsides drawing a check, sleeping and watching TV-all at the taxpayer's expense. Even if a valid warrant is ever to be issued, when either a victim or a defendant goes in front of a District Court judge; more about who you or whom they know will come into play. Don't forget about whom the defendant's lawyer knows....this also has a lot of bearing on a given case. For example, the attorney, like the judge presiding over the case is a member of the local bar. If the attorney going in front of a given judge has had an involvement say by way of a campaign contribution; you better look out. Now in the days of Rex Gore, District Attorney, you had to also look at that factor of corruption. The DA can simply walk into a courtroom, like an actor, and pretend to be representng a victim or the State. Remember in the past the DA was usually and more times than not a member of one certain locally corrupt political party. The link to him has in the past and more times than not been the Trial Court Coordinator. The TCC was placed in his comfortable taxpayer-funded seat by non other than you guessed it-RC Soles. What about the very high judge? Well a more respected African American female judge was pushed out of the district and a newer district formed so a much lower-timed banker's son could take over a spot that the Gores have controled for decades. Who worked behind the scenes to get such a law as dividing a judicial district and moving a more qualified judge? You guessed it; none other than RC Soles.
Money does not always have to change hands for corruption to occur although indirectly and on many occassions it is the contributory sole factor. All that has to happen is for a judge or other elected official to simply look the other way. Look at the child molestor that has been kept out of court for several years. A child has been violated yet a powerful family and a previously crooked DA has clearly conspired to keep justice from happening. Look at this case that has been all in the media. First look at the African American young lady that just lost her life in Bladen County. This sad story received almost no coverage. Why? Could white privilege have had anything to do with that? You tell me. Anyway a mad woman was allowed to remain free from her well-deserved punishment and free to harm kids. Who was responsible for this? Look at the Magistrates that helped her and take a good whiff from the Judges that failed to hand down justice; not once, not twice, not thrice but 7 times. Well actually she was however convicted only 4 times of domestic violence-related charges. And the Columbus County judges did what? Absolutely nothing.
Ultimately and once again welcome to Columbus County and the way that they do things.


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