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Some things never change at least not in Columbus County

This really bothers me, I knew Aneshia when she was young and pretty. I had it bad for her until my Dad told me Don (Her Dad) and him were 2nd cousins so I couldn't date her (NO NO in my family). I left the area to find the love of my life. If I had have stayed I would have never become as successful as I am now because I would not have been corrupt like some there.

Reading all this has made me look into the backgrounds of the folks that stayed that I knew and I don't like a lot of what I see. It amazes me how the same people control that county that did more than 40 yrs ago. As long as it is that way the only ones that can prosper there are the "Columbus County Mafia" As the saying goes the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

If anyone checks they will find that Aneshia and her husband or ex not sure, are intertwined with the corrupt politicians in the area.

It really amazes me how much nothing has changed since I left 32 years ago, only the players but the same families still run it all. Damn shame that the good honest people of Columbus County have to live that way.


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