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CC/Whiteville is one of the

CC/Whiteville is one of the most redneck and white trash towns around. Everyone under 25 is married and knocked up (some with 3-4 kids by that age). The fun thing to do in this town is park your redneck "Carolina Squatted" truck that your daddy bought you in the parking lot of Walmart and talk crap to anyone who walks or drives by you. The "well-to-do" of the town seem to think that its a little piece of heaven when the town ranks among the bottom in the state of valued categories like education but among the top in illegal drug use, unemployment and addiction. And I agree with the poster above...if you happen to have the misfortune of having to move there, they will treat you like an outsider. God forbid that you actually dress nice because they will all automatically assume that you think you are better than them. There is nothing in this town for families...other than the bowling alley which has regular fights during the week. Most of the business are mom-and-pop shops that set their own hours...none of which are open after 1 on Saturdays and almost everything is closed on Sundays. This video is a perfect portrayal of the youth in this town and is only a glimpse of how good this town will be in the future. Most of the people that grow here, never leave it...


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