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Whiteville Maddness!!!

So they said that students were interrogated during this investigation, obviously not a very good diverse of people. Mr. Bryant was a fatherly figure to many students in band, maybe to those who never knew there father, or someone that never had a good relationship with theirs. Although I will be the first to say he wasn't the type of person to make everything absolutely correct, but who is like that anyways. If Whiteville High School has made this decision saying this is better for the students, they are utterly wrong. The only programs that Whiteville is excelling in is Band and Athletic, but the odds now, we are looking and setting up for total destruction within a school. What high school football game do you go to and not hear a band? Well by the decision of the Board, Whiteville High School will be the first. The Band Parent complains about watching the band was cringing. If this parent knows so much about band they would understand that no one can perfectly walk a straight line. The Band Parent also said that the choice of music was horrible, well how about your child playing a song called "A One Man Show" be horrible. As WWAY said "a sad song is being played", a sad song indeed, a song that cries out from the hearts of band members saying that we loved Mr. Bryant, yes indeed in which that is sad. Mr. Bryant was a man of his word one that said what he thought and told you bluntly to your face what he believed. Furthermore, WWAY was looking for a story that they thought would be juicy and full of drama, well they now have a list full of complaints. So, I say to my fellow Whiteville High School peers, that this is just a turing point to an abomination of ones high school memories.


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