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Truth Be Told!

Mr. Bryant might have had his days where he was in one of those moods every teacher gets in where they just wanna ring everyones neck. but if you look at what kind of school he is teaching at and what kind of students he is teaching you will understand. WHS has some of the most disrespectful students not all are but there is a whole hand full of them. Yall say Butler was a better band director but NOT TRUE everyone in band this year wants bryant back because they dont like the way they are being treated by WC BUTLER he is very disrespectful and raises his voice for no reason.! ive been told by band students that they are scared to ask him for help because he always yells at them. When Mr. Bryant was there they sure didnt have that problem he was willing to stay after school and off hours helping any student in need of help. Also when butler was band director did he take the students to play at Disney World, Washington etc.. or did the band get asked to go to places and play like Washington and New York NOOOO they didnt.! Chance Bryant turned that band into something it had never been.! yeahhh the band was bigger when WC was director way back when and now its smaller but look how much society has changed kids just dont care to participate in things such as band and not only band but sports have gone down also. So I say Chance Bryant needs to be brought back so these students can continue on with what they loved because there is atleast 30 students who want to quit now and the band is what makes WHS look good and WHS needs all the help it can get and it wont go anywhere with out Bryant just sayin'... yall need to think about the students instead of what yall think is best for the school PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES and they deff. learn by them. so im pretty sure he has learned his lesson. Talk to students and see what they want and what they know is best for them... NOT the school board or parents because they have no clue what goes on in these teens heads and what they thinks best!


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