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I have been a student of Mr.

I have been a student of Mr. Bryant's and I liked him as a teacher. He was always nice to the students. I personally do not think the allegations are true but the fact of the matter is some of the things he did didn't look right in the eyes of some parents, teachers, and administrators! I know that whenever I played sports in high school If we had a male coach we ALWAYS had to have a female shaporone not only at games but practices too to prevent this kind of situation from happening. Now I have personally seen Mr. Bryant eating out in public with his students. You don't see any other teachers doing this. When a teacher lets one certain student ride with him in his truck to a parade with just the two of them it not only looks bad on his part but is unfair to the other students who have to ride the bus. I have also seen Mr. Bryant going to certain events to watch some of his students and they were not school events. This is Columbus County people, everyone see's and hears everything and he should have known that this is a small town. Some of you only see one side of the story because you know that Mr. Bryant is a good person but you need to see that some of the things he has done don't look right and a teacher shouldn't be doing these things! I know that when you are going to school to be a teacher you get taught "ethics" and this is a situation where he has completely forgot his ethics. The school system wouldn't have been investigating these things if enought people hadnt complained. A lot of you are singleing out a single person for the cause of this but it wasnt just one person who complained it was many. I don't think Mr. Bryant deserves all the bashing he is getting but he could have prevented this. I like Mr. Bryant as a person and really don't think these alegations are true but he really should have known that he should'nt have been doing some of the things he did. I know It doesn't look right to me. Lets not be ignorant people ,face the facts.


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