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I find it interesting that this post was written by a "VARISTY CHEERLEADER" on a school day, during school hours. Furthermore, if Ms. Deans is such a wonderful leader of her squad, I would think that she would be very disappointed to see the language being used by a member of her squad. This is part of the problem. The students at WHS are out of control. Language such as "wtf" should not be used by a person who is suppose to be a representative of WHS. The cheering squad is comprised of Ms. Dean's hand-picked favorites and as you can see by the language, these cheerleaders do not portray the image that WHS wishes to have publicized. WHS has a long history of non-biased activity. I think that a lot of things at WHS need to be investigated. I have been to WHS several times this year about unfair practices including various members of the faculty for different reasons. This if one of the very reasons that Whiteville City Schools is loosing stuents. Most of the teachers at WHS just look at their position as a "JOB" and they are just going through the motions waiting on retirement. There are not many teachers left that actually care about the student, and the ones that do are penelized for it. If there was a situation going on, then it have been addressed by the parents especially if there were as many instances as the rumors suggest there were. WHS is all about who you are and who you know. Special attention is given to certain students because of who their parents are, what they represent or how much money they give. This whole thing may have been nothing more than Mr. Bryant trying to buck the system and acutally make someone work for what they wanted in stead of handing it to them. Nobody will ever know the real reason behind these rumors because WHS will do what they always do, "SWEEP IT UNDER THE RUG"!!! The community needs to be more involved with all aspects of WHS and stop letting them get by with "Just letting our kids get by."


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