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Ok really!!!! she dont wont

Ok really!!!! she dont wont this bill because it would take away from her office but she is willing to cut programs at the school that encourages people to come live here and attend our schools??Or better yet she is willing to cut teachers jobs,the ones who educate our children??And she wants to take money/time from the state workers??Who does she think she is but I guess you can make those kind of decissions when they dont affect you...because she gets paid off of our tax dollars,we pay for her vacations,plane rides,clothes and probably her food.So if they want to start helping the budget how about trying this..take the private jets they have,stop all the vacations they go on,and so and so on.Why cant they drive like the rest of us,pay for their own vacation like we do,cook their own food..and so on..I dont know but I dont think it would take a rocket scientist to know these things.All I know is come voting day I will vote for any body but HER...she has done nothing she said she was going to do.What happened to making class rooms smaller,getting teachers the salery they deserve?Oh thats right,it doesn't bother her any more because she is no longer a teacher!!!!!so fed up with the politicians and the lies they tell just to get into office so they can live this lavish life style while the ones who put them in there are struggling to make ends meet!!!!


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