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Watching this fight was like watching a wreck in slow motion. These girls don't even have basic fighting skills. They look more like they are wrestling for fun. It is extremely immature to show up for a dishonorable fight. These children need to be taught how mandatory it is for a female in this day and time to carry herself as a classy, honorable woman.

This world has become more evil and savage. One or both of these girls could have had a weapon and someone could have lost their life. The immature babble displayed on Facebook proves that there are some children who think this shameful display is funny, cool, or juicy gossip. That means that the children who fought and the children who praised the fight are not getting proper guidance about how to treat people like they want to be treated. It is painfully embarassing and makes me ashamed to call Columbus County my home. So many people have nothing better to do than start trouble when they should be holding down a job, focusing on their education, or both.


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