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only the beginning

The value loss of homes is hitting everyone hard. With obama's new laws regarding even the selling of homes it is hard to even purchase a home now. They cry economy, however you have people that are trying to purchase new homes (helping to boost economy), but with the new obama laws recently set forth it states a new home can only be appraised based on what an old home's sale price was and not based on other new homes built in the area and the old homes are not selling. WHY? because their price is higher and as we found out recently it is cheaper to buy new. Which is an economical holdback forced on us by our own president. While banks are pushing over priced forclosed homes and refusing to lend when a buyer CAN afford and quilify for loan on a new home, is also an economical holdback decreasing values. (again this is per Obama laws) People are losing homes based on cost of living increasing but not increasing pay adjustments to balance the living. Gas prices increasing when we can purchase AMERICAN!!! Cell phones and minuites given out with foodstamps when the recepient already can afford and has their own cell phone plan. There are many things we as Americans can do to fix the economy if we use our heads and stop spending money on our president to go to ball games and vacation in Hawaii for christmas, etc. Once we start spending money that isnt there, buy more american when at all possible, stop sending business overseas and shutting them down here, then and only then we might see all values start to turn around. It is all a snowball affect.


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