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Mother Arrested

I agree this mother should be arrested for her participation in this incident but will someone please tell me HOW DID ALEX ANNE FIPPS GET TO THIS FIGHT? Someone was responsible for getting her there and I would believe that they remained on sight probably egging on the fight also. I did not see anyone there trying to stop her from fighting either. If I had not taken my daughter, had not given someone else permissiion to take her, or had no knowledge of this fight I would be trying to press charges against whoever the individual was that took my underage daughter to partipate in such activity. Who ever took Alex Anne should have made the decision to leave if they pulled up at the Walmart parking lot and saw what was about to happen. If you listen closely to the video you will hear a male voice in the background telling Alex Anne they will be leaving in so many seconds whether she is in their truck or not. Is it possible that this person also contributed to the delinquency of this minor and also participated in citing this riot. I believe that this needs to be investigated to the fullest extent of the law. I certainly hope the new DA for Columbus County, along with local law enforcement and DSS realizes the seriousness of this incident. Only by the grace of God a life was not taken as a result of this public display. Does this problem need to escalate to the point that the incident reached in Bladen County between those two girls and a valuable life is lost? If I was Crystal Fipps and had not given my child permission to leave that house with whoever took her to that fight or if I was not aware that's where she was being taken to Walmart to fight Shelby Cartret, believe me the Sheriff's Office would be issuing whatever warrants could be placed upon the individual that was guilty of taking her, staying there egging her on to fight and doing absolutely nothing to prevent it. Yes, someone did contribute to this minor's delinquency and help incite this riot besides the Cartret mother. I would assume unless Alex Anne took a good long hike to get there someone carried her there. I cannot help but believe if Alex Anne's father would congratulate her on facebook that he would also have been guilty of the same things that the Cartret mother was guilty of doing he may not have incited a fith but he sure wasn't opposed to it either. In reference to the Cartret lady's job. I believe she is accountable for her reputation off the job and how it affects her employment status; but while Juan Fipps was so anxious to criticize the Cartret mother; what about his wife, Crystal Fipps, as many people know already also has a job that requires a strict oath of ethics and conduct also. For some reason she is remaining very quiet in all of this which is totally out of character for her. Maybe her character and ethics need to be questioned by her peers at her workplace and brought to accountability also. Some may say this does not have anything to do with her job performance but I beg to differ. She deals with adults every day in her workplace that are connected to this school her daughter attends along with Shelby Cartret and other students who were possibly at this fight recording it and posting it on facebook and who had made prior comments on facebook conderning this incident; that she allows her daughter to be friends with; as well as her contact with people which she has connections with in the workplace. I believe that if the laws apply to one citizen it applies to another whether in public or on the job. You are not a private citizen when you break the law and it involves negligence in the care of your children and ivolves other people's children. Our actions always invole consequences and accoutability by everyone that it affects. Both mothers are guilty, both girls are quilty and so are any other individals who participated in all of this.


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