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Yeah family and friends will usually stick together on there story. So let me get this straight the Father caused her mom to take her to the fight and cheer her on !! Okay so I have a question for you PLEASE help me understand this, I hear everyone tried to get the Father involved to help with this matter! BUT he wouldn't help!! But you say the father beats them and does stuff that involves children girls! Then let me tell ya, you and the family and friends should be ashamed that you didn't report him to social services or call the cops on him with all that abuse that was going on with those children!! OH yeah but I ALMOST forgot everyone was trying to get him to HELP out!! Doesn't make any since to me!! NO one should have been trying to get him to help out, IF what you say is true. Sounds like to me with a Mom AND Dad like these children have SOMEONE needs to step in and teach them right from wrong! They deserve that!!!!


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