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Really? And you campaigned on wasteful spending... HYPOCRITE

On 4/30/2010, Senator Goolsby spoke on eliminating wasteful spending. Just recently you panned Gov. Perdue's budget and you want to eliminate corporate tax periods because it is passed onto the tax payers(us little people). Also, you don't like the increase in sales tax extension and again you spoke of eliminating wasteful spending. Uh Thom, what do you call putting $100k on the books for renaming US 17? How many signs does it take to come up with $100k figure? And labor? Is that cost figured in? Really? How can talk out of both sides of your mouth? I voted for you because of your promises to cut wasteful spending and get tax burdens off the backs of NC residents.

I appreciate more than anyone the sacrifice made by veterans and current soldiers servining the Armed Forces. I love sending supporting the troops, rallying for them and sending care packages over to them every 3 months. BUT THIS IS ABSURD! We could use that money to better serve the residents of the state or directly assist the veterans and troops in our area. Or find ways to use the money to start a new program to employee NC residents. You said on your web site that you would "create jobs and had the right ideas".

If you get my vote, I expect you to keep your campaign promises. I kept my promise when I voted for you. When the budget is more solid for NC, then I do not have a problem honoring our troops and veterans with a renaming US 17, but now is not the time. STOP THIS WASTEFUL SPENDING!!! You promised!!!


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