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Believe me, there is plenty to cut!!!

The state NEEDS to be cutting jobs! The state is not in the business of economic development by providing jobs, that's for the private sector. The state has way too much fat in employees and services. The problem is they'll cut education and elderly assistance while the let the free cell phones, free housing, food stamps and free health care for the lazy, but comptetent and the illegal aliens that are catered to.

Most people have motivation, the desire to excel, make something of themselves and be totally free of state entitlements. That is why we aren't on Social Security at 25 and sucking up every "free" benefit we can get access to. THAT alone is why I'm not on social Security, Food Stamps, Section 8 housing and farming babies at the taxpayers expense. I happen to have a little pride, motivation and enjoy seeing a little success born out of a lot of hard work. So....tell us more about your lifestyle and what motivates you?

WE actually pay our way and most of yours throughout our lives in this society. I have no problem with honoring our veterans with a few signs along a major coastal highway. It won't take anything out of the pockets of those of you that don't pay anything anyway!


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