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We all make mistakes?

Sure we do, we are all humans. A mistake is slamming a door on your finger, locking your keys in your car, losing your billfold, forgetting to turn your stove off...yes, those are mistakes. STABBING SOMEONE TO DEATH because you lose your temper ISN'T!!! That is called "lack of self control" and "desreves (as you spell it)" the charge of second degree murder. Lack of self control and impulsive action such as "stabbing someone" is one of the classic characteristics of the criminal mind.

Sorry Kayla, but "yo geral, Kendria" IS the only one at fault here! She is the one that grabbed a knife and plunged it into the body of another human being, KILLING HER. THe other person involved is already serving her sentence. How much simpler can this be explained to you?

You can support her during inmate visiting hours at the Greyrock Inn for the next 30 years! She won't be free....


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