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Sounds To Me

Like Ms. Harper showed up to Ms. Cromartie's house which is in E-Town and your friend is from Clinton (which means your friend traveled) and was waiting for her and ready to attack. She may not have had the knife and Ms. Cromartie may have had the knife (just using your scenario because I truly don't belive that was the way it was) Ms. Cromartie would have been entitled to having a knife bieng that Ms. Harper was waiting for her when she arrived at home (her place of residence where she has the right to defend her self!) It just seems that they let an argument get them to the point wanting to fight each other but to ms. Cromartie's defense, she didn't go out looking for anyone, or show up to thier house or stab someone.... I do not believe that Ms. Harper set out to Kill ms. Cromartie by any means and nobody would think that stabbing someone in the leg would result in death but it can happen and has happened in this incidint. The probably is you CAN'T stab anyone period because this COULD potentially be an outcome whether intentional or not..... She is going to have to face the sentence that is handed down to her, which I believe is going to be lenient unless Bladen County plans on using her for an example to teach all of you friends of her's who think no wrong was done! I pray for member's of both parties families and that as a community we can rally together to overcome these issues in the future!


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