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Facebook is not what is corrupting our children

The fact of the matter is that our children have lack of guidance. With that lack of guidance comes the lack of responsibility for their actions. PARENTS need to become more involved and stop letting children raise themselves, bc if not, incidents like this will continue to happen; if children are banned from "socal sites" they will find other venues to produce drama, bc like it or not, cell phones, text messages, parties, email, etc still exist. we cannot delete it all. Step in and provide your children with a good,solid wholesome example to follow instead of encouraging their ignorance. The lack of discipline, respect, and moral values are causing the decline in our youth. Parents too often blame everyone and everything else for what their children lack rather than stepping in and being proactive! Maturity does come with age, but it is also a product of surroundings and experience, so being 18 may legally make you an adult but does not magically make you "mature", i.e. the girl who did the stabbing was 19. Social sites only make drama more convenient bc a person is only a click of a button away, but it is not the CREATOR of the drama, therefore is not to blame.


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