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the stabbin of 18 year old

no we cant judge nither one of the girl cause noone is perfect. i understand the pain of both families cause both of the girls are tooken from their love ones. we as adults know and dont want to amit it, everybody makes a mistake and thats the best lesson taught. on the other hand god is the only one that knows how we leavin this world ,when he say its time its time. im sorry for the grief and pain and no body can take it away but god............ im also sorry for young girl to make a mistake in life that can take your whole life away from u ,but pray and dont let the time do u ,u do the time and get all the edgcation they can offer. once a felon is always a felon and its hard to find a job...i think that face book is a dangersous thing and it has cause a lot of problems in the younth life and some of them dont relize it.. may god bless both families and give you strength and wisdom to be strong!


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