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I've read each and every one of these comments, and I'd like to say to Ken's supporters people are so angry and disgusted because they weren't in a common area and fought, Shakendria went to Princess's home, and brought a weapon. Do I think she meant to kill her NO, but she did want to inflict bodily harm,which is just as much a crime as murder and had Princess lived I'm positive her family would have pressed charges against Shakendria and she'd be in jail either way. She should have thought about the outcome. Also you can't say Kendria was "protecting" herself because she was at this young lady's house, as I said before this is not a common area like a football game or party when the fight broke out she went to her house with all intentions of attacking fighting the girl. Now with that said I'm sure Princess instigated the situation on her behalf, and if Shakendria were the one that had died you'd be saying Princess should be locked away for her senseless actions too. Shakendria is grown and was fully aware of her actions it doesn't matter if she wasn't trying to kill her, sometimes accidents turn tragic as did this. I'm praying for both families because they have both lost loved ones. Every action has an outcome, Princess's was death, Shakendria's is jail. And have more compassion towards Princess's family you guys are saying "yeah she died, but it was her own fault!" like she fell and scraped her knee or something she's gone and never coming back and you act like it's no big deal!! Just be glad Shakendria is still around..


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